Friday, June 29, 2012

Progress' Robert Page to be featured in The Tennessean

Robert being interviewed by Tennessean reporter Dawn Wyatt as his dad Les listens.

Robert Page's Employment Idol success has led right into the summer. He will be featured in The Tennessean's Davidson A.M. on July 4th! Please pick up a copy of Wednesday's paper and check the story out online.

His endearing story of being a dedicated, hardworking teacher's aide at Harris-Hillman for 15 years garnered the attention of reporter Dawn Wyatt. His Employment Idol video, which now has nearly 400 views on YouTube, was a fan favorite, but it also inspired some of the other contestants in the Tennessee Disability MegaConference video contest.

One of the competing videographers Walter Dodd from the Hilltoppers agency in Crossville shared this message on YouTube: "Congrats, guys. Robert won first place. We all were there and Brian (another contestant) and our group voted for Robert as well. He really Deserves it please tell him CONGRATS from everyone at our agency."

We appreciate the support from other agencies and the coverage by The Tennessean.

 Sharing the Progress' Story

Robert could not have become Tennessee's Employment Idol without social media outlets like Facebook and Youtube. Many Progress supporters shared links to the videos, Facebook posts and told their friends about the competition.

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