Friday, January 20, 2012

Update: Progress Inc. client's work on display at Vanderbilt

Subterraneum Divide Part 1, which is currently featured in the Creative Expressions gallery at Vanderbilt.
Several Progress Inc. supporters on Facebook shared their excitement about Jerry Adams' pieces being featured in TWO shows at Vanderbilt University's Kennedy Center. So, I decided to share photos of two more masterpieces by Progress Inc.'s favorite artist.

Jerry and his DSP Harold Hodges dropped by the 12 new pieces that will be featured in the gallery "Provocateurs Entrepreneurs" at Vanderbilt on Thursday.

Vanderbilt will feature Jerry's work along with Bernadette Resha and Matthew Drumright, who also have developmental disabilities. The three artists have been successful at selling their work, which is the basis of the art show's theme. According to a Vanderbilt release, Jerry's work "provokes fresh insights" and allows the public "to see ability beyond disability."

Jerry's artwork that will be one of 12 featured in next month's show.
 A self-portrait of Jerry and greeting cards that feature his work will be a part of Provacateurs Entrepreneurs, which opens Feb.1 and will run until May.

Check back here at Pressing Forward With Progress for more updates about Jerry's work and other interesting updates on Progress Inc.

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