Monday, October 15, 2012

Progress wins FOUR awards from Mayor's Committee on People With Disabilities

Robert Page with DIDD Commissioner Jim Henry
Progress Inc. Executive Director Donna Goodaker, Mitch and Allison at a Progress party.

We're so excited to announce that Progress has been honored in a huge way this year by the Mayor's Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities. We were named top agency by the advisory committee and our staff and clients also received honors. The awards' ceremony will take place Oct. 25 at the Nashville Farmer's Market. Thanks so much to the committee for considering our folks and our agency noteworthy.

Here's a rundown of Progress' 2012 Mayor's Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities Awards:

  • PROGRESS INC. - AGENCY/ORGANIZATION - Recognizes an entity that meets the needs of persons with disabilities in the community in creative, innovative ways; that advocates for persons with disabilities and their families individually and systemically; and work cooperatively with other agencies/ organizations for the advancement of the field.
  • PAM REED - DSP or DEDICATED SPECIAL PERSON – Recognizes a paid Direct Support Professional who believes and demonstrates by their actions that their first allegiance is to the person or persons they support, that all other actions flow from this allegiance, and that dedicate their efforts to improving the lives of people with disabilities, both on and off the job.
  • LANITTA JOSEPH - AGENT FOR CHANGE - Recognizes a person who strongly advocates for and demonstrates keen sensitivity to issues related to disabilities, and whose efforts impact positively and significantly upon the service system and/or community.
  • ROBERT PAGE - JO ANDREWS AWARD - Recognizes a person with a disability who makes an important contribution to the disability community by his/her example or effort.    

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