Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jenny Hatch: Why Progress Strives to Keep Our Folks Living Their "Best Possible Life"

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Jenny Hatch had to forge a legal battle to live independently. The Washington Post tells her story. - Washington Post

Jenny Hatch is a shining example of why the work we do at Progress really matters. The 29-year-old woman was not allowed the right to live on her own, but thanks to a recent court order, Jenny will experience the freedom of choice and independence that many of our folks have the opportunity to experience each day. Jenny Hatch's story helps us all to see the impossible is indeed possible.

"It’s not just a reminder of the ample abilities of people with disabilities, but to me, it was challenge to remember who each individual can become," Progress Executive Director Donna Goodaker said of the article about Hatch.

Click the link below to read more of her inspiring story:
Woman with Down syndrome prevails over parents on control


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