Saturday, December 21, 2013

Stories of Progress: Portia Streator's a Ball of Energy & Ambassador for Progress Inc.

Caregiver, Disability, Nashville, Home Care, Progress Inc.
Portia Streator has received care giving assistance for several years, and she sees Progress gives her new freedom.

Portia also doesn't accept excuses from those around her, but she says employing friends and others as her caregiver over the years has shown her not everyone abides by her motto.

"My mom needed some help caring for me a few years ago, so we employed some people we knew," Portia said. "They would be late. They felt like they could do whatever they wanted." 

Her mom ran into similar problems with home health agencies. Earlier this year, Portia's social worker referred the family to Progress. Though Portia was reluctant, she said the services, level of commitment and genuine concern for her needs and wants have been a refreshing change.

"The first day with my caregiver April we were out at the mall. Progress wants you to get out," she said. "A lot of these companies say the client comes first, but Progress really means it." 

Portia says her caregivers April and Rachel have become her friends, and she tells everyone she meets how happy she is with Progress.

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