Friday, January 24, 2014

Senior Spotlight: Transportation Ranks High on the List for Seniors

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Senior Care Administrator Parthenia Fayne and Windlands reisdents Clem and Lillian.
There's no better way to find out the best way to serve senior citizens than to go straight to the source - seniors. Progress Director of Senior Services Crystal Martin and Senior Care Administrator Parthenia Fayne recently visited a group of folks who reside at Windlands East, an 
award-winning independent, senior living community in Madison.

The folks loved their scheduled activities, fully-furnished apartments and the bond they've created with their friends at Windlands. Though few had a need for our personal care, homemaker services or sitter services, some Windlands residents had many questions about how Progress could help with their transportation needs.

Since the National Center on Senior Transportation estimates that nearly 50 percent of seniors need transportation alternatives, it's no surprise that Parthenia and Crystal received several questions about how Progress can help get Windlands residents from point A to B. 

Progress' Customized Companion Transportation offers an affordable, personal form of transportation to doctor's offices and pharmacies. Seniors need transportation to doctors, specialists and other health care professionals throughout their week. Those appointments cannot always be aligned with group transportation (like a community van) or with their loved one's schedules. 

With just one-day notice, Progress staff can escort to doctor's appointments and pharmacy visits. The companion aspect of transporting seniors means we don't just drop you off - we're there the whole time!

If you'd like to schedule an appointment or find out more about Customize Companion Transportation, give us a call at (615) 399-3000 ext. 4759.

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