Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Progress Asks: Top 3 Things In-Home Care Provides

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Progress Senior Care Manager Patrick Ridner has a personal connection to caring for seniors.

Progress Asks: What's the Top 3 Things In-Home Care Provides?

It's Tuesday, so once again Progress is giving you a peak into the world of senior care with our Progress Asks segment. Today, our guest blogger Progress Senior Care Manager Patrick Ridner will provide a list of some of the major aspects of in-home care through the services Progress Inc. provides.

 Patrick has a heart for the communities we serve. The Middle Tennessee native said his grandfather's passing more than a year ago, opened his eyes to the need for care at home.
"My grandfather passed away two days before I got the job here," Patrick said. "He had been in a nursing home, but if we would have known about something like Progress, he could have been cared for at home. It seems like people know they're there to die at a nursing home."

Working at Progress means he can give families an opportunity his family didn't have. He enjoys interacting with his employees that work in the homes and getting to know the people Progress supports. It's hard to know exactly when someone could utilize in-home care, but Patrick has one piece of advice

 "When a person loses a certain amount of independence, (like they need help with cooking or cleaning), our services are beneficial. That's when we can come in and make the difference."

With in-home care, caregivers can provide a personal touch and add much more to the lives of the people they support, Patrick said.

Here's the TOP 3 Thing Patrick suggests in-home care can provide:

COMPANIONSHIP: The interaction between our senior care attendants and the seniors is often the best benefit for them. We have one person that goes to her church with her senior care attendant. Another loves to go to yard sales with her caregiver. It's all about having someone there rather than being alone for the time their family can't be there.

TRANSPORTATION: Many of our folks need to make it to doctor's appointments, grocery stores and other places, but they don't drive anymore. We get them there and wait with them as long as they need us.

CARING FOR HOME: Sometimes it's difficult for seniors to make meals, do laundry and clean their homes like they once did. Our senior care attendants provide light housekeeping, prepare meals, prepare grocery lists and handle other domestic duties for the people we support.

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