Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Progress Staff Celebrated for 'Employment First' Efforts

We have a great team here at Progress, and we were thrilled when Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Commissioner Debbie Payne took note of that in her recent OpenLine newsletter.

Susan Hutchison and Paula Daniels were two of the Progress team members commended for attending a recent training on employing people with disabilities.

Debbie gave special kudos to Progress Associate Director of Day Services Susan Hutchison, Supported Employment Coordinator Paula Daniels and Client Funds Administrator Lisa Zekany, who all attended the weeklong Incentives Counseling Initial Training Program at the end of February.

The training will help the three Progress team members guide us into broader approaches to employing people with disabilities.

"We would like to commend Progress Inc. for successfully registering three of their staff members and attending the training session," Payne wrote in OpenLine. "This demonstrates Progress’ dedication to the Employment First initiative and people they support."

We are so proud of Susan, Paula and Lisa for their commitment to improving our already valiant efforts to employ people with disabilities.

Progress is working towards providing more job training, vocational services and other employment support to people with disabilities through the "Ticket to Work" program. 

 Watch the short video below to learn more about this program.)

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