Thursday, March 27, 2014

Let's Go Out: A Day for Developmental Disability Awareness

It’s Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. Let’s all go out on March 29 to raise awareness.
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Let’s Go Out on March 29

National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month is coming to an end, but there's one last huge day we can all play a role in just by "going out."
Let's Go Out Day on Saturday will help raise awareness about people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

What should you do? 

Simply make plans to go out somewhere in public on Saturday, March 29. Plan a day out and about with friends and family ( maybe to the  Southern Women's Show) or just enjoying activities. While enjoying your day out, raise awareness and generate some conversation about people with I/DD. 
As the Arc puts it in its statement on National Let's Go out Day:
This one-day movement will serve to harness our collective power to gain allies, foster understanding, dispel myths and encourage people without disabilities to recognize that we’re not so different after all.
This March 29, let’s all go out and start breaking down those social barriers.. This is your chance to personally help raise awareness about people with I/DD just by being yourself and participating in the things you enjoy alongside others in your community without disabilities. If you are a person with I/DD, make plans to hit the movies, the park, your local shopping center or restaurant for a day out and maybe spark some conversation in the process. Or, if you are a friend or family member of a person with I/DD, make plans to enjoy a fun activity together in public.
Spread the word using the hashtag #DDAware on social media during the month of March. And, follow us online on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to show us what you end up doing on March 29 by sharing your photos using the hashtag #DDAware.
Don't forget to RSVP to our March 29 Facebook event, and please invite your friends on Facebook as well!

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