Monday, December 5, 2011

Disability Advocates pan Clooney film for using R-word

George Clooney plays a father and husband to a woman on life support in "The Descendants." (Fox Searchlight)

Pressing Forward with Progress looks at the local and national news that affects all seniors and adults with disabilities. One such national hot button issue has arose with the George Clooney drama "The Descendants." Oscar buzz surrounds the family drama about Clooney's character coping with his wife's pending death. But disability advocates are buzzing about the film's derogatory language not the actor's portrayal.

Clooney's character uses the word "retarded" in the film, and the word is used more than once throughout the whole film. Representatives with Special Olympics refer to the usage as disappointing and "gratuitous" in a Disability Scoop article published on Dec. 2.

Disability advocates have made strides in removing that word from the common American vernacular. As recently as this fall, South Carolina legislators removed the word "retarded" from its legislation concerning individuals with intellectual disabilities. Still, changing the language and viewpoints of popular media are also a significant change needed when sending messages about individuals with developmental disabilities.

Many will choose not to see the film due to the use of such language. Will the "R-word"deter you from catching "The Descendants" in theaters?

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