Thursday, December 22, 2011

UPDATE: Progress Inc. family will have heat this Christmas

John Steele of Area Air and Heating Control working on the breaker box at the Ingrahams home.

After weeks of fighting rain and other work holdups, subcontractors have nearly completed electrical work on the home of Randy and Karen Ingraham, a Madison couple supported by Progesss Inc.

Greater Nashville Regional Council subcontractors Area Heating and Air Control have worked to upgrade the electrical and heating and air system, put in a new meter and replace the damaged fuse box that led to a fire hazard at the home. The contractors also repaired plumbing and upgraded the Ingrahams' bathroom with a new commode, flooring and vanity.


John Steele, electrician on the project, said the home was in a dangerous condition when he began work two weeks ago.
"We see a lot of home like this, and they are a danger to the families," he said.

Randy and his wife Karen both have disabilities that require they receive daily staff support from Progress Inc. in-home care workers. Senior Care Attendant Judy helped get them help from other organizations when she began working for them in September.

The Ingrahams are excited to see all the work that's going on. They have lived without a sufficient heating and air system for the last year. There is still work to be done,  for now, Randy said he will look forward to a comfortable home for Christmas.

Flooring has been donated by friends of Progress, and Progress staff will be replacing the floors that are currently damaged and inhibiting to Randy, who uses a wheelchair. Volunteers are needed to make that part of the renovation possible. The family also still needs new doors.

The hope is that the additional work can be completed through the help of other donors and those who would like to donate labor. To help or for more information, please contact Stephanie at Progress.

The Ingrahams and Progress Inc. appreciate all the support and hardwork that has been devoted to the home.

Happy Holidays!

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